On holiday in the Pelopponese, at a place called Agios Nikolaos, a small fishing village, with a miniscule seafront lined with the town’s supermarket, a couple of restaurants with the tables and chairs overlooking the tiny harbour, and not much else. We are in a beautiful villa organized through Voyages Ilena, very spacious and airy, with tiled floors, stone walls and wooden shutters that make it feel nice and cool. We have tried out the beach about 2 miles down the road from Agios Nikolaos, which we I think is called Dimitrios Beach; it’s quite small, sandy but with pebbles.

Our one-year old — now asleep under the mosquito net supplied with the villa — did not exactly like the water, but she had a great time hugging the warm sand! Well, it is not her first experience of the sea, but it is the first time we have tried to get in her in while it is reasonably warm, and she was quite apprehensive, sides of her mouth turning down and eyes casting around dolefully for Mummy, and that was only when we put her feet in! But on the sand, I think it is so warm, and we took her clothes off, she was in seventh heaven, hugging the heated sand, pushing herself back in it with her whole body against it, and smiling and waving to all and sundry. Of course an instant hit with people on the beach.