Citybreak: Lisbon

Citybreak: Lisbon

Eating Out On almost every street in downtown Lisbon, local restaurants abound with cheap and cheerful menus, catering mainly to families. Over the street from where were staying, in a small bedsit apartment at street level, there were half a dozen such restaurants barely the size of a living room, sparsely furnished with simple formica [...]

The Walkie Talkie

Arguably one of the ugliest buildings in the world, the Walkie Talkie affects me like a bad haircut. But it is certainly distinctive and having walked past it every working day for around five years, I actually started to find it ... interesting. Certainly when you take photos, it changes depending on the time of [...]

Coffee Shops

French Cafes in Languedoc La Vie en Rose Just A Standard Page Nunc et vestibulum velit. Suspendisse euismod eros vel urna bibendum gravida. Phasellus et metus nec dui ornare molestie. In consequat urna sed tincidunt euismod. Praesent non pharetra arcu, at tincidunt sapien. Nullam lobortis ultricies bibendum. Duis elit leo, porta vel nisl in, ullamcorper [...]

Test page using Divi

Travelling the world. Who would not want that? But how can it be done in a manner that is sustainable and cost-effective? How can you earn money as you travel the world? This blob will help you find the answers. Rock River The water runs over the rocks, which have been smoothed by the river's [...]