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Citybreak: Lisbon

Eating Out On almost every street in downtown Lisbon, local restaurants abound with cheap and cheerful menus, catering mainly to families. Over the street from where were staying, in a small bedsit apartment at street level, there were half a dozen such restaurants barely the size of a living room, sparsely furnished with simple formica [...]
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Whisky Galore and more

Today I discovered Cadenheads on Chiltern Street between Bond Street and Baker Street. This is a small shop selling whisky, and a selection of other spirits. It looks from a different age, with rows of wonderful amber and heavy wooden barrels where you can choose selected blends and fill your own bottle direct from the […]

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Chenin Blanc from India

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this wine, but it turned out to be surprisingly good. Behind my hotel in Delhi was a dusty old shop surrounded by litter, and this was one of the two bottles of wine that the sold. It’s not top class wine by any means, but for 550 rupees […]

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Bukhara restaurant, Delhi

Bukhara restaurant is reputed to be the best Indian restaurant in India, and therefore in the world. It is certainly good, although hardly a hidden gem. Located in the 5-star ITT Hotel, we had been told that booking was next to impossible, but that you could get a table if you arrived by 7 pm and […]

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Kulapelli Vineyard Reserva Especial 2013

This is a Chilean wine from the Maipo valley, made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere grapes. The winemaker is Alejandro Galaz. This was an easy drinking wine from Tesco’s priced at around £6.00. I was interested in the vineyard name, which sounded Finnish. The wine itself was very easy to drink.

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Ottolenghi evening

A group of friends in Lewes meet every few months and make recippes from the cookbooks of Yotam Ottolenghi, a well known chef who specializes in Levant cuisine. A couple of years ago I had Khachapuri, a Georgian bread dish, at Guria, a Georgian restaurant in Moscow. So I tried this Ottolenghi dish, adding the eggs […]

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Hunter Gather

  Looking for a quick coffee before a meeting in Wigmore Street, I noticed the reasonably priced Latte in the tiny cafeteria with simple melamine-looking tables over the road from Costa. So I placed my order and sat down with my iPad, into which I typed busily regarding the latest developments in the commodities markets. […]

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Cafe Le Navy Bar

Stumbled on this atmospheric restaurant in Place du Bourg du four in Geneva’s Old City. I wasn’t clear about the navy connection, but the staff were friendly and excellent food. We had the Fondue Moitie Moitie with Boletus, so a fondue made from two cheeses with cepes that gave it a fantastic flavour. They served […]

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Chez Fatma: A Tunisian Restaurant in Brussels

We arrived at Chez Fatma  on a late autumn day, bedraggled and wet and with no reservation, and we immediately felt welcome. Fatima and her husband run the restaurant on Place Jourdan, and the cuisine is delicious and authentic. I ordered shorba, a traditional North African soup that is served across Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and […]

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It is not entirely easy to pin down this wine, as the label is in Cyrillic apart from the one word Fanagoria. I bought it in an underground shop that sold liqueurs from Estonia, a pantechnicon of vodkas from around the Baltic, fine malt whiskies from Scotland and elsewhere, wines from Spain, France and Italy with […]

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The restaurant is in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old City. I had wanted to eat elk, so we had headed initially to The Flying Elk in Malartorget. This turned out to be a gastropub serving Swedo-Brit fusion food. After some discussion, we ascertained that elk was not on the menu and headed on. The elk at […]

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Business lunch in Barcelona

Our lunch was cordoned off from the restaurant at large, and I felt sure we were the envy of the other diners. The table was a perfect square, an immaculate black tablecloth, and a total of eight places with a bottle of Spanish  wine in front of each pair of people taking lunch. The waitress explained that […]

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Stockholm in the autumn

I had got to my meeting on Master Samuelsgatan an hour early, so I went for a bite to eat at a cheap and cheerful restaurant near the church of Santa Clara. The church has a wonderful enormously elongated green spire that made me think of the word “verdigris” as I went inside. When you […]

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Pinchos at Lizarran

The staff were rushed off their feet. Tuesday night is happy hour for pinchos at Lizarran, one of a chain of small atmospheric restaurant/bars celebrating Catalan food in Barcelona among other world cities. The pinchos on Tuesday are 1 euro per shot; you just pick which ones grab your fancy, either from the bar as […]

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Korean food in Seoul

I was in Seoul in march 2014 for a big energy conference. The neighbourhood around the hotel was full of traditional restaurants, and this restaurant served traditional kimchi, a delicious soup with beef and ginseng, Korean tea, rice in the usual metal bowl, and as always metal chopsticks.

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